From a Birth Parent in our DCFS Program:

“Well by the grace of God & everybody there that assisted me in the process of reuniting me with my son. Please do know that you guys were heaven sent sincerely. Now the communication between us & getting to know each other is unstoppable these days-you see I never knew what actually happened to him after being told that my side of the family couldn’t have custody of him for one reason or another-So I’ve always yearned to know how his life became. I continued to live in the life of crime-so therefore I couldn’t ever have him or be there for him. (I once thought). Anyway I am presently incarcerated with the possibility of being released some times in the very near future behind a clemency pending-And hopefully I can become a important figure in [my son’s] life and provide him with the tools that he might need later on I pray-When I first heard from your organization I was shocked that turned into a burst of happiness that I really can’t explain with words-But it feels as though this was meant to be the case between us & my heart has told me this is so-Listen please do forgive me but I surely don’t no how to make my words felt by you-however please do no that I am grateful & very appreciative. May God continue to make away for y’all to do the work that you do. Thank you.”