From an Adoptive Parent Client in our DCFS Program:

“I would like to thank this program, very helpful very nice people-caseworker explains things well. We found my twin brother that was 4 years, now 25 years. It’s been a blessing to have them back in not just mines but the family life again and I truly appreciate Midwest Adoption Center from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.”Former Youth In Care“I called DCFS and they referred me to Midwest. My caseworker was very nice and very professional. I knew from the moment I talked to her that she wanted to help me and that made me very comfortable. I was in Foster Care in Chicago my entire childhood basically and I wanted my records for my auto biography specifically. My records had a really small amount of information in my early youth then fast forward to one year of my teenage years. Not enough information or files for a former youth in care from ate 2-21. On a positive note my records contained an evaluation that showed I gave up on trying to be family, my shyness and my determination. It also showed I was recorded as being suicidal in my youth which was not true but explained the reaction of foster parents who misunderstood my quietness. Due to the above information I have been able to make immediate changes in socializing with others because my records helped me to understand why I was so guarded and protective of my feelings and my children. Thank you so much.”