From a found relative client in our DCFS program:

“Before I get too deep I would like to thank your agency because I never knew the information that I know today. So Thank you. The person who reach out to you guys was my sister and she and other family members were searching for me for 15+ years. My first reaction was this has to be a mistake because I was never adopted but I found out I was and it was the shock of my life. I make a choice to find out more information so I shared a letter and my information on how to reach out to me. My choice to reach out was hard because I didn’t know what to expect 25 years of not knowing my real family was mind blowing but also sad because I never knew and these 15+ years they were searching we can never get back. After finding out everything was true I was hurt but also happy and as of today I’ve found out so much of my past plus to know that its six of us makes things even more better. I have a close relationship with everyone and I thank you guys so much for everything. Without your agency my family would still be looking for me. Thank you so much.”