From a client in our DCFS Program:

“Midwest Adoption Center has changed my life for the better. My caseworker was very warm and inviting. During my case I did receive closed file information. The information I received was very helpful and new to me. I was in foster care at a very young age and was adopted at a very young age. Every thing from early childhood is a big blur. I remember a lot and also had a lot of unanswered questions. The closed file info open up a lot and shed light on memories that was in the dark. I did use the program to locate family. My mom and dad were both found. I used the service the first day I talked to my caseworker. It was very helpful. Unfortunately it was bitter sweet. My mom had died 7 months prior to my search. I had both closure and sadness. My dad and I talk a lot. The outcome was good. I found all my siblings and aunts. Come to find out that everybody was also looking for me. This whole process gave me a bitter sweet feeling. Sadness because of my mom and happiness because of my dad.”