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Knowing as much as possible about your child's history can help your child. You may have been given information about your child and his/her/their experiences before he/she/they came into your home. However many parents find that there is a lot they don't know and wish they did.

Your child may be asking questions to which you have no answers. Or perhaps your son or daughter is beginning to talk about memories of things that happened, or that might have happened in the past. Sometimes it's hard to know how to respond, or if these things really happened. 

Multi-ethnic family members at home sharing a hug.  African descent single mother at right.  Adopted child center.

Additional Information

If your adoption was not through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Frequently Asked Questions
The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the DCFS Closed File Information and Search program.

This service is only available to adopted persons, those who were in foster care but never adopted, birth relatives and adoptive parents of minors connected to placement through DCFS. If you are an adopted person, adoptive parent or birth relative and the adoption was through a private adoption agency, doctor or attorney, please visit: