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Success Stories

Below you will find several stories from real clients of the Center and their experience with the various programs offered.

July 2018

Story from a Birth Mother
Can talk to my son on his cell-tel now! The son looks like me a lot!


July 2017
Written by a birth mother who was located after a search requested by her oldest son who had been adopted
“My first reaction to my son (wanting to) contact me was happiness, joy, peace. A heavy load has been lifted because I have not seen or heard from my son since he was five years old. I didn’t know if he was dead or alive and now my son is grown. He is 24 years old, he is a smart, handsome young man. And I also cried for days.
And I decided to give all of my information to Midwest for meeting my son so we can be sure who we both are.
It was not a difficult decision to make because for years I prayed and cried for my son, because I gave up my rights because at the time I felt that it was better for my children but I missed them dearly and was not allowed to contact them until they became older.
Well me and my son are in prison now but our relationship is becoming better and stronger. He forgives me and I forgive myself. We write each other and when he is released next year he is coming to see me for the first time since he was five years. When he does come I’ll write Midwest with a update. But I need to thank God first for putting this program on the person heart who made the decision to help people like me. I want to thank Midwest Adoption Center as well.”


March 2017
Written by the adoptive parent of a minor
“Being the daughter of an adoptee, and having adopted our son, I felt it was important to look at all connections our son might consider family. We adopted our son with finalization when he was 13 years old. Our son did not know he had 3 older biological half-siblings. We placed a request for information to start looking in case he asked about when older (21).
The oldest two siblings we did not contact due to their incarceration. The youngest of the 3 we were intrigued to find is a lot like him, although they were not raised together. While communication is not open, the information we received gave us insight to our son’s birth mother, also was reassuring that other parents care as much as we do that they children were given opportunity to make their own path in life.
Our son had very strong feelings about the search being shocked he never knew about the older siblings. At some points we stopped sharing the search results – we will come back to it when he is better able to process the information.”

October 23, 2016
Written by an adopted adult who requested service to locate birth relatives.
He stated that the service he received was excellent. Over a period of several years, searches were completed for 17 different siblings and half siblings. Most of these relatives were located but each of them declined to have a connection. He stated: “this service is very helpful even though I didn’t receive any connections. The workers tried there best, with no luck. Also I wish that they could have done a DNA test for me…to find my nationality.”

October 20, 2016
Written by a person who had been in DCFS foster care. She requested information from her own file and also help to locate two birth siblings.
One adult sibling was located and agreed to have direct contact. Another sibling is still a minor and the adoptive/guardianship parent(s) agreed to accept her name and address but did not want to release their own to her. She stated “all the information was helpful. I had a wonderful caseworker, Laura. I just wish they could …convince the adoptive parents of my last birth sibling to call me.” Her MAC caseworker explained that she can request service again when the “last birth sibling” is 21 years old. At that time, an outreach could be made directly to the sibling.

October 11, 2016
Written by an adopted adult who requested information from his DCFS files and also a search for his birth family. Five different birth relatives were sought. While several were found to be deceased, one uncle who was located agreed to have direct contact with him.
He stated, “I send thanks to both of my MAC caseworkers. The information I received helped me understand my medical situation, behavior and some of the experiences I went through.”

June 2, 2016
Written by a man who had been in foster care and requested information from his DCFS file.

Yes, it was very good, the caseworker was the best. It’s just me growing up not really know the truth about my mother and father, and growing up hearing lies from so many of my family members cause they never like my mother as a person, but me growing up they all my family members that talked bad about my mother and more. They had demons and flaws they had about themselves, yes a struggle will always be a struggle and we as people always go through this as a family or a person. So with the help of these people I found out a lot about what I needed to. I just got tired of people telling me lies, cause o misunderstanding and more. I got family/brothers /sisters in another state that I don’t know but I will keep looking and these special people will take there time out to help and that’s a beautiful thing.

April 11, 2016
Written by a birth parent, who requested search services to locate her birth son:

“When I was nineteen, I was faced with one of the hardest decisions of my life: to put my son up for adoption.  Something I truly did not want to do.  Last year, I put my foot down and really set out to find him.  I put my name in the registry and connected with MAC.  It took them no time to set things in motion and find my son.  He is a delightful young man and has had a very good life.  This was a rewarding experience; scary, but worth it.”

January, 2016
Client is a never-adopted former ward who requested closed file information and search service:

“I was in and out of foster care and group homes since age 9. I was neglected, and abused, mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually. It caused me to make a lot of decision in my life the wrong way. But I survived and am stronger. I used this program to try and locate my father side of the family. I was able to locate a few people, but they just wasn’t ready to be in my life. I won’t give up tho. I would always try to be a part of my whole family.”

Client is a birth parent who requested closed file information and search service:

“I still believe that my rights of raising my children were taken w/o regard to the best interest of me or my children. They need to take a step back from stealing children from their family. Their need an outside agency to monitor DCFS, but that’ll probably never happen. I believe in God and those responsible will be held accountable, since 1999 things have gotten much worse my rights were taken.” Client is an adoptive parent of a minor who requested search service to locate a birth sibling of the adopted child: “Her family was pleased to know that she had a happy childhood, and wasn’t placed with other families, before I adopted her. Her sister thanked me and started to cry on the phone, and she can tell that she was placed with a loving caring family.”

Client is an adult adopted person who requested closed file information and search service:

“…I was a little girl when I was placed in foster care. The family adopted me but before I was placed there is because my Mom passed and my family wasn’t in no position to take me. My foster parents wasn’t the best they were abusive but I did what I had to do to live there. When I turned 18 I left my foster home and made it on my own. When I turned 19 I had my first child. Raised her on my own had difficulty doing that, I had to move back to foster mother home. By then I was 22. Met a older gentleman and he abused me for years where now I have a titanium screw in my knee. Where as in the future will have a knee replacement. I got out of the relationship with him at the age 28. It was a rough ride but I’m here to let everyone no if there’s a will there’s a way and God is your way so by me saying that, I have 2 more children, great child father and my new found family. [your] agency help me find my father before he passed and I would like to thank you Very Much Especially [my caseworker]. If it wasn’t for her my family would have never been found. Its never too late to search for your loved ones. I’m living proof at 38 years old thank you for taking time out to listen to my new found life.”

Client is an adoptive parent of a minor who requested closed file information and search service to locate a birth sibling of the adopted child:

“Just before my adoptive daughter’s 9th birthday we discussed trying to find her siblings. I was certain, they too, had been adopted. Everywhere my daughter went, there were groups of siblings (day care, school, parks, neighborhood). My daughter was being raised as an only child. We decided to register with the Adoption Registry which ended up being an easy process. Within 7 months they [this program] found one of her brothers. She and her brother began sending pictures and letters to each other. Soon they began calling and skyping each other (after both families agreed to exchange personal information). Both families have now made plans to meet each other and let the kids go trick-0r-treating together. My daughter’s brother still has contact with his great grandma and grandma. So my daughter will also get to meet them during this Halloween visit. Wonderful Experience!”

August 18, 2015
Client is an adoptive parent who received an outreach on behalf of her minor child. 
According to the adoptive parent

“The decision to not agree to contact was easy because I know the damage that my adoptive daughter suffered and is still suffering from being drug exposed.  She (the daughter) has connected with all of her biological family via Facebook and most of them including her biological mother don’t like her or have had unpleasant conversations with her.  I’m not surprised.  She has a lot of their ways, attitudes and spirits.  They were offended she was just like them.  Well I wish she hadn’t met them until she was finished with school/college, working have an apartment and car.  Reconnecting takes maturity and time, not at the age of 18.

July, 2015
Client is a never adopted former ward

I have been having seizures for over a year straight.  No one could figure them out.  I went to countless specialists.  Only after I received my medical records from childhood do they know.  I remember taking medication for seizures but with no proof, only my doctor believed me because he had seen the grand mals when my children were born.  Thank you – they have me on a medication and the seizures have greatly decreased for this I will be incredibly grateful.

July, 2015
Client is a sibling

I was truly shocked but I was so excited.  I have been waiting for this moment my whole life.  Finally, came true.  My sister that I did not know contacted me by phone – we talked for hours about the family and Mom.  I was able to get my 2 brothers’ numbers and a couple of uncles and aunts.  It was not difficult making the decision to connect.  I talk to my family almost everyday and could not be happier.  This experience has filled the hole in my heart I had for so long with LOVE and HOPE that GOD was listening to my prayers.  Now I have an 8 month old son who can now know his real family as well.  It was and is a true blessing.  I am so grateful for it.  Thank you so much.

June, 2015
Client is the adoptive father of a minor child

I was pleased that my daughter was given the opportunity to connect with her birth relatives through this program.

A never adopted former ward

“I was separated from my family at a young age – then, I landed in prison and now is a civil detention facility and had no contact in over 30 years.  Ms. Lindsay was very tenacious finding my family – are we are not reunited.  I have a renewed view of life and ‘a future’ that I did not have before.  Words cannot express what thanks I wish to express but thank you.”

Client a found relative

“I was contacted by DCFS (MAC) about a family member who I knew by chance could have been my brother or sister.  My first reaction was so happy I wanted to let him know my name and me to know his be he is so young it was a difficult decision because my father have 17 kids.  I don’t know none of them my feelings was happy because it’s my lil brother I was sad because where he is and his health problems.  I want a strong relationship because he is family so I hope we can have a good bond he don’t really know me because my grandma took us out of a foster home in Chicago and moved us to San Antonio TX.  It took me 24 years to find out my father have 17 kids.  I want to meet them all and this is a start.  Thank you and God Bless.”

Priority search - Client is a found relative whose sibling was gravely ill and the outreach was initiated by a professional on behalf of the sibling.

“I would refer people out there if they could not find a loved one or family member by an agency.  If the person was missing, the news media would be involved if they were kidnapped or murdered.  I would talk to the media.  My caseworkers were a great help.  I wish I knew where my sister was.  Maybe I could get the news to help me. You were a great help.”

Client is a never adopted former ward

“I’m in prison serving a life sentence – was gathering information about my past to verify my claim in the petitioner – one thing lead to another, found out I had another sibling – got more than I bargained for – learned I had a sibling.  My caseworker was simply wonderful – contacted my sibling – but my sibling didn’t return their consent form in time – and the case got closed.  I’m disappointed, but not at the service provided – maybe my sibling needs a little more time, due to the magnitude of this situation.  I’ll be here waiting.”

Client is a birth sibling
“Your services are amazing.  I tried to find my sister years ago and after finding out about closed adoption records, someone on Facebook told me to call DCFS which lead me to you.”

“One day I was thinking, my gosh, what if she doesn’t want to meet.  Lord I was scared.  Then I got the call and she did want to meet me!” 

“We talked on the phone and laughed and cried and then WOW, we met.  We look alike, laugh alike and snort alike.  So many things in common – children with the same name and same disabilities unbelieveable.”

“I love her with all my heart and feel so thankful for all of you at this service who have helped me complete this puzzle.  I have a beautiful, loving little sister, FINALLY!  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.”


My husband and I adopted a developmentally delayed, deaf, blind boy the doctors said would never walk or talk. Our other adopted children had found their birth families. We believe the more people that love you, the better. We reached out to our son’s birth mother to let her know how he was and give her the opportunity to be a part of his life if she wished. I sent one letter to her. As she did not respond, we assume she is not ready to be a part of his life at this time. At least she knows he can walk and talk.

From a birth grandmother

I think you (the agency), did a wonderful job and I appreciated it.  I wanted to send a donation but due to some bad luck with some health problems, I wasn’t able to work.
I wanted to send a donation but won’t be able to until after the 1st of the year.  I’m very happy with your process.

I was happy to find my grandson and still hope to find my granddaughter who is his sister.  I was not able to take them because I was raising 5 other foster grand children and for my age, they (DCFS), said it was too much but I didn’t think it was. 

I love all of my grandchildren which I now have over 50.


From a never adopted former ward

I was very pleased to find some of my relatives.  I found out a lot about my life that I never knew about when I was growing up.  I was pleased that I found one nephew.  I would have been very pleased if I found my last sister that I haven’t seen since I was about 10 years old.

The medical information I received from MAC helped me understand where my pulmonary embolism came from.  My siblings thought our mother died from cancer, and didn’t know about the PMB.

The day after my adoptive mother died, Denise, my worker, called to say she had located my birth brothers and they wanted contacted.  What this said to me was that my adoptive mother went to meet her maker and told the center to call us and give us the information.

I was nervous about contacting my brothers so I waited about a week.  Then the 3 brothers called my house and that began our new found family relationship.   Since that first call, we talk at least 3 days out of the week and the brothers introduced me to my 2 sisters.

We were invited and made plans to visit for Thanksgiving.  We drove from Memphis to Chicago to pick up our son and 2 grandchildren and then drove to La Porte IN.  Even though my brother said to stay at his house, we didn’t want to impose and checked into a nearby hotel.  At 7:30 am on Thanksgiving morning by cell phone rang.  It was my brother who stated, No, you are staying with us so check out and come home. We did just that.

During our trip we caught up with the family history and also met cousins and nieces and nephews.  We are already planning another family gathering.

Our deepest gratitude to the center and a special thank you to Denise for being such a wonderful friend thru this experience.  I hope our story helps others to take this journey and call upon us to talk through it because we are here to help anyone who has questions.  It would be our greatest honor to help others.

“With the warmest thanks and blessing to all.

From an adoptive parent
The Midwest Adoption Center has been very helpful and has provided an easy process.  I appreciate having a place where my adopted children can obtain as much information regarding their birth families as possible.

From an adoptive parent
I just want to express how grateful we are that these services are available to us and our adopted son.  The workers have been great and the communications excellent. Thank you very much.

"Thank you so much.  I knew almost nothing about my family (mom) and the type of abuse that occurred in my past.  Due to the acts like (HIPPA) and others the names had to be blocked out however I was able to piece out some names from what I know.  Your service was helpful.  You do work of angels to people who were thrown away from our families.  I was placed into a family who I still have contact with and love me always."

Birth Parent
I gave my son up for adoption 20 years ago.  Even though I thought about him often, I never in a millions years thought I would ever hear from him again.  He was a baby so I didn’t think he would know he had been adopted.  His adoptive parents always told him he was adopted.  Not only they, they searched for me for years.  A few months ago they found me.  Even though I know I have not met my son face to face, only because of the distance, I do talk and text with him often.  This is pretty awesome.


Another story for DCFS website
Adoptive Parent – Father
Searching for child’s birth father

Dear Emma (Emily)  I am so grateful for all the effort that you provided for me in locating the biological parents of my adoptive children.  I thank God for you.  Even though the outcome was not as I wanted it to be, I know that God will someday work it out according to his divine will.  So I accept that it must have turned out the way God chose.  God knows what’s best I guess that’s why he chose for me to be the loving parent that I am.

I gave my son up for adoption 20 years ago.  Even though I thought about him often, I never in a millions years thought I would ever hear from him again.  He was a baby so I didn’t think he would know he had been adopted.  His adoptive parents always told him he was adopted.  Not only they, they searched for me for years.  A few months ago they found me.  Even though I know I have not met my son face to face, only because of the distance, I do talk and text with him often.  This is pretty awesome.

From a birth parent who found and exchanged ID information with her birth daughter.
I’ve wondered where my daughter was for the past 23 years.  Thinking of her every day.  Wondering if I’d made the right decision to give her up for adoption.  Today after using Midwest Adoption Center to help me locate and find my daughter, I know I made the right choice.  My daughter is a senior at Purdue University (majoring in PR) she’s an excellent employee (IT Tech) at the University of Chicago.  She is a published writer.  I could go on and on.  I couldn’t have given her a better life.  I gave her life and for that I’m grateful.  I think God did bring us together again.

From a birth father whose birth son found him through MAC’s search program
It was wonderful.  After 46 years I finally found my son who was adopted without my knowledge.  Behind mine and my wife’s back, someone should have contacted me before he was adopted but they did not.  I tried when I heard he was adopted but had no luck.  Thank God my wish has come true thanks to you.  I was so excited I called your office the minute you opened.  We now have a good relationship and will meet in June 2014.
All three of us.
Thanks again.

From a birth sibling who connected with his birth brother and sister who are twins.
I grew up the oldest of 7 children and due to a variety of circumstances, the youngest two, who were twins, we placed in an orphanage and adopted.  With so many children, I gladly helped out by coming home after school and caring for the twins.  As a child I was told they would return to our family but they never did.

Forty-eight years later helped me find Midwest Adoption Center.  My worker was Christy.  After filling out the paper work and talking to my worker I thought it would take a very long time for them to find my siblings.  Instead, at 1:45 CST, one day after my birthday, on April 2, 2014, my worker called to say she had found my brother!

We wrote letters a few times and he told me about my twin sister.  And then there was the phone call …………. I got to hear the voice of my baby brother.  We made a plan to meet and my brother’s wife made a video.  I thank God for bringing us together at last.

From a birth sibling in the DCFS program
I’m 35 years old and I have been waiting on the day when I can finally meet my sister.  Mom died in 1980 and I was her second child.  Her first child got burned in the fire where my Mom died and my Uncle.  I had NO information on my sister until I was given Midwest Center information and you guys helped me with something that completely changed my life.

From a found relative
I wanted thank God that my birth sister found me. I will not feel alone again.  I have my sister and family that have been looking for me.  I’m so blessed that I have family in my life so my children can get to know them.  I have so much to tell the whole world about my life – I’ve cried for joy and my family is coming to see me in July.  Wow, it’s been 34 years and they found me.